Bay Islands in Honduras

These days I am discovering so many things about the Caribbean that I cannot help recommending several of its destinations, and now many of us are already preparing next summer vacations and without a doubt this paradise is one of the main destinations in any of the countries it covers.

Now I would like to tell you about the Bay Islands , a group of 3 islands that belong to the Republic of Honduras and that many consider to be the perfect islands thanks to their great beauty and everything you can find in them, which will undoubtedly do May your relaxing vacation be as you have always dreamed of.

The set of the three islands in a highly recommended tourist destination where you will enjoy practically indescribable landscapes, and I was looking for photos to illustrate this article and my mouth was watering just to see so much wonder. In the interior of the islands there are a lot of jungles in which to discover all its flora and fauna, all mixed with various trees, plants and waterfalls. A marvel.

The largest is the island of Roatán , and the other two are called Guanaja and Utila. In any of them you can find countless white sand beaches with a sea that seems to be painted in the perfect degradation of colors from green to transparent and passing through blue. Lots of marine fauna that decorates the sea with various colorful fish and algae.

The best thing is that these islands are not yet a very famous destination so you will not see any of their crowded beaches as you can in other places in the Caribbean. In addition, its coral reefs are spectacular, and Honduras has always been famous for being the second country in the world for coral reefs . I know that from here I recommend several destinations on a daily basis, but if your pocket allows it, you should visit the Bay Islands, I will do it as soon as I can.