San Blas Islands in Panama

When it starts to get cold, many people begin to dream of their vacations the following summer, with deserted beaches and dream places where they can enjoy the good weather and a few days of relaxation. If you are one of those who organize your trips in advance, I would like to recommend an ideal destination for your vacations: the San Blas Islands .

This archipelago is located in the Caribbean , very close to Panama, and it is an authentic wonder although they are not very well known, something that perhaps makes them more charming since they do not receive as many tourists as others that are much more famous. They are a few coral islands that offer a wonderful place to enjoy eco-tourism, being also one of the most important regions in this sense in the entire Central American and Caribbean area. Take note of the most interesting of the San Blas Islands:

– You can find two spectacular attractions that attract the attention of all those who visit them. On the one hand, the beauty that all the Caribbean islands have, and on the other, being able to visit the villages of the Kuna Indians and discover everything about their fascinating way of life and culture.

– The Kuna Indians live in straw huts and sleep in hammocks. The women wear blouses made of various fabrics sewn in a special way and each with a unique design, also wearing a long skirt with various patterns and ornaments on the neck, arms and legs, as well as gold nose rings.
– The archipelago is made up of exactly 365 islands , one for each day of the year as they say there. In all of them you can swim and practice water sports such as diving, snorkeling, fishing or kayaking.

– The islands were formed by an accumulation of coral and are full of palm trees that intermingle with the water and that gives a totally incredible landscape. They were selected as one of the two best destinations for cruise ships in the world a couple of years ago by a couple of very important media in the sector.

– Accommodation on these islands is in rustic cabins with thatched roofs and walls, but very comfortable and safe.