Cáceres guide

Cáceres is one of the two Extremadura provinces and has been a World Heritage Site since 1986. A spectacular city with a beautiful mix of the various civilizations that inhabited it, such as the Roman, the Muslim, the Nordic-Gothic and the Italian Renaissance. In the city there are 30 Muslim towers that are spectacular.

Here is a brief guide to Cáceres so that you can perfectly organize your trip to the city. Take note:

– There are four very interesting areas to discover, such as the Old Town , the Jewish Quarter, the modern center and the surroundings of the city.

Cathedrals and Churches : You have many to visit, such as the Cathedral of Cáceres, the Church and Co-Cathedral of Santa María, the Church of San Mateo, the Church of San Francisco Javier or the Convent of the Society of Jesus.

La Muralla : It is a beautiful area where you can admire the beauty of the Torre de Bujaco (the most important in the city), the Torre de los Púlpitos, the Torre de Sande, the Torre del Postigo, the Arco del Cristo or the Arco del Socorro.

Palaces : There are several to visit, such as the Golfines de Arriba, the Golfines de Abajo (where the Catholic Monarchs lived), the Comendador palace or the Episcopal palace.

Museums : If you like cultural tourism, here you will find true wonders, such as the Museum of Cáceres or the Arab House-Museum (everything related to Muslim culture in the city).

Shopping : In the area of ​​the historic center you will find a lot of shops where you can buy the typical products of the region. In the convents you will find artisan products such as cookies, cakes or pastries. It is highly recommended to buy a bottle of cherry, hazelnut or blackberry liqueur. Exquisite.