Caños de Meca

Between Barbate and Conil we find a long street that runs parallel to the coast, around which some urbanizations, chalets, houses and small commercial and leisure premises have been established that are not capable of making us look away from those beaches open to the Sea like the Trafalgar Lighthouse , perfect for practicing sports such as skim boarding or body boarding where we can even do nudism.

We can enjoy other more closed and quiet beaches such as Marisucia , located within Cape Trafalgar, where when the wind blows it becomes one of the best destinations for kiteboarding . There are also beaches such as El Pirata , bathed by very calm and crystalline waters.

For many people Los Caños are one of the last hippie strongholds in Spain. The special character of this area cannot be denied with its timpani, nudists, alternative people and places as special as La Jaima .
La Jaima is the meeting place of Los Caños. Its location is unbeatable, right on the seafront . Being a few meters above the sea we find the main entrance of La Jaima in said promenade, but when entering and from the beach you can see how it is distributed on several levels, with a stepped structure and with access to the beach. The decoration, how could it be less, reminds us of an Arab tent : awnings, hanging canvases, rugs, low tables, large cushions and sofas. All this makes its visitors feel very comfortable, who will undoubtedly enjoy a different night.

Needless to say, you can’t miss it .