Continental reduces the size of the carry-on baggage allowance

Scandalous measure just taken by the Continental airline in the United States . As if it were not enough to charge fees for choosing a seat or having a cushion during the trip, they have decided to reduce the size of the allowable carry-on luggage measurements . That, as some of you already know, is in addition to the fees charged for each piece of luggage.

As of November 1, as other major companies in the United States have already begun, it will not be possible to exceed 45 linear inches (114.3 linear centimeters) or 23 x 36 x 59 centimeters. That is, you will have to carry a tiny suitcase to avoid having to go through the box. A more despicable measure than the many others that are applied in European low-cost companies… How could it be otherwise, the crisis will end up being paid by the usual ones, the customers .