Hand luggage: what can you and can’t you bring?

hand luggage
Do you have doubts when it comes to preparing your hand luggage when you are going to travel by plane? Do not worry! This is normal! And it is very difficult to know by heart all the objects that cannot be carried. However, it is important that you take them into account, since you may be in for the unpleasant surprise that something you need is taken away from you at the security checkpoint. Therefore, we recommend that you do not miss anything that we tell you below.

To make it easier for you, today we want to explain what you can and what you cannot carry in your hand luggage, based on some practical lists that have been prepared from Skyscanneer . We assure you that after reading what follows, you will have no more doubts!

Sharps and other everyday objects

First of all, we want to talk to you about sharp objects, since they are the ones that give us the most headaches. In fact, those who are going to catch a plane to go camping or to the snow will have it quite difficult. You will not be able to carry objects such as corkscrews, knives with a 6 cm blade, large scissors, blades and open razors, cutters and matches in your hand luggage. On the contrary, spoons, small or round-tipped scissors, disposable razors, nail clippers, tweezers, knitting and sewing needles, umbrellas, canes, wheelchairs, baby strollers, safety matches, lighters are allowed. , liquid for contact lenses and automatic razors.

Electronic objects

Fortunately, today airports are more permits with electronic objects. In fact, you can store laptops, tablets, MP3 players, hair dryers or irons, cameras and equipment, travel irons and electric razors in your carry-on luggage. Of course, you must place all the electronic objects that you want to get on the plane in a separate tray .

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As for medications, you should know that liquids can be carried in hand luggage if they are necessary throughout the trip (roundtrip flights plus stay). Of course, you must present the separate medication at the security control and preferably with the prescription or receipt. If you have to carry syringes or other types of medical supplies, it is better that you notify your airline beforehand.

Liquids and food

On the other hand, you should know that no liquid of more than 100 ml can get on the plane, so it is better that you choose your hygiene and beauty products in travel size. In addition, liquids must always be in a transparent bag with a closure system and a volume of less than one liter. You will need to place the bag separate from the rest of your carry-on luggage on the inspection tray. You should know that water and other beverages , syrups, soups, creams, pastes, lotions, oils, perfumes, gels, contents of pressurized containers, aerosols and other products of similar consistency are considered liquids. Baby food is allowed.

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Sports objects and work tools

If you are an athlete, you should know that there are many sports objects that cannot be carried in hand luggage: bats, rackets, sticks, billiard cues, golf clubs, darts, hiking poles, ice skates, fishing rods , catapults, guns, harpoons, spear guns, martial arts equipment, equipment for diving, crossbows, bows, arrows, slingshots, catapults, crampons, javelins, ice axes, picks, sabers, swords, sword canes, stars throwable and kayak and canoe paddles. In addition, we advise you not to risk putting work tools, since practically all of them are prohibited. Of course, you should know that chemical or toxic substances are not allowed; firearms and projectile-firing devices (including replicas and toy guns); and explosive and flammable substances, such as white spirit, gas cylinders or sparklers.