Customs and traditions in Holland

Holland is a country that many people would like to visit for a long time. So long, perhaps, as to stay there to live a lifetime. It is true that it does not have the Mediterranean climate that is so appreciated during much of the year, but it is also true that it has other attractions that attract tourists regardless of their origin.

The customs and traditions of the country, which I will tell you about below, say a lot about the character of the Dutch, who in general we could say that they are happy people who take life in stride, without stressing themselves over the account.

The bicycle as a real means of transport

The fact that the bicycle has become a very widespread means of transport among the population speaks highly of the Dutch. So much so that it is estimated that there is more than one bicycle per inhabitant , so it is not surprising that the air in the country is cleaner than the air in other countries such as Spain, where we are still not so clear about the best option to move around the city. city ​​be the one to take the bicycle.


Children without homework, happy children

Did you know that Dutch children don’t have homework until they are 10 years old? Before reaching that age, they hardly have any homework to do, and we could say that there is not the social pressure that does exist in other countries for studying at university. Because they can spend more time playing and spending time with their parents, they say that Dutch children are the happiest in the world. In addition, during the week many have the “Papa Dag” , since many Dutch employees are lucky enough to work 36 hours a week that are spread over four days instead of five.

National symbols

Tulips are one of the most recognizable symbols of the Netherlands. They come in all colors and you can see them in the best possible way at Keukenhof, a simply spectacular park.

More symbols? Without a doubt the cheese , since the Gouda and Edam are from there, although there are more varieties that are worth trying. Clogs are also a classic in Holland and windmills , which can be seen all over the country, also deserve our full attention. At Zaanse Schan you will see what are probably the most beautiful of all. It is a lovely town.

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Queen’s day

The day of the Queen is the day of the King, since right now it is King William Alexander who is on the throne. It began to be celebrated in 1885 every August 31, which was when Queen Wilhelmina had her birthday. With the reign of his daughter Juliana, in 1948 it became April 30, while in 2014 the date changed once again to be celebrated on April 27. It is a party that brings together all the Dutch in the street. They come dressed in orange, which is the color of the monarchy.


In addition to cheese, which I have already mentioned, mentioning it as one of the national symbols, in Holland you can try typical dishes that have nothing to envy from other European countries. The best known are Stamppot (sauerkraut, cabbage and meat stew), Erwtensoep (a spectacular pea soup), Bitterballen (meatballs with mustard sauce) and Rijsttafel (rice with meat and vegetables). And for dessert, nothing beats the caramel-filled waffle cookie known as Stroopwaffels.

The times to taste these wonders have nothing to do with the Spanish. There they have a strong breakfast around 8 o’clock and eat between 11 and 1 o’clock without overdoing it. Dinner awaits them between 6 and 7 in the afternoon, so we could say that they do not go to sleep on a full stomach. Of course, they do not go to bed as late as in Spain.


Coffee shops

Everyone knows that Dutch Coffee Shops are not famous for the coffee they offer to their customers. What has made them popular is hashish and marijuana , which can be consumed smoked, drunk or eaten. There it is legal to consume these drugs, although outside these premises it is completely prohibited. What will surprise you is that in these places you cannot smoke tobacco or drink alcohol.

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Body language and presentations

The Dutch do not like to give the note as they do with the Spanish or the Italians, who sometimes seem to enjoy speaking aloud in public. They are rather reserved (and polite) and rarely speak to strangers. In addition, they often wait for eye contact to begin speaking. On the other hand, you should know that if they place their index finger near your ear it is not to tell you that you are crazy, but rather to communicate that they have a phone call. Being late is very frowned upon, the same can be said for not showing up for someone we just met.



Reaching negative 15 degrees in winter is quite common. Of course, you should not worry, since according to the Dutch "there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes."

You will seldom see curtains in a Dutch building.

Dutch men are the tallest in the world. On average it measures 1.84 meters .

More than 80% of the Dutch speak English very well despite not being an official language.

Up to 40% of the Dutch are atheists .

Holland is known as the Netherlands because almost its entire surface is below sea level.

New York, in its beginnings, was colonized by the Dutch. That is why it was known as New Amsterdam .

Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer are some of the most popular artists who were born and raised in the Netherlands. All of them triumphed internationally thanks to their works of art.

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