Disadvantages of all-inclusive trips

A while ago I published what are the advantages of All-Inclusive trips , so now I bring you the disadvantages, since if I did everything in the same article it would be too extensive. I go straight to the point so that you can analyze the advantages and disadvantages of All-Inclusive trips :

Boredom : this depends on how you are and what you like. Keep in mind that the complexes that offer this modality are usually far from the rest of civilization, so bear in mind in advance that if you are going to want to go on an excursion or something you will need to rent a car, since it is likely that many days in the same site doing the same can get you bored.

Eating routine : the food is not bad, but of course, it is more or less always the same, so it is likely that after 5 or 6 days you will already begin to hate food, since although there is a lot of variety and quantity, if you eat lunch and you eat dinner every day there comes a point where you will have to repeat and it will seem that every day you eat the same thing. In any case, if you organize yourself well and don’t eat through your eyes, hoarding everything the first few days, you can eat a lot of variety. In addition, they usually have special dishes that are unique that day, such as international, local cuisine or some specialty of the house.

Activities, service and atmosphere : as the days go by, it will also be tedious for you to always see the same thing, although they take great pains to vary the shows and activities, everything ends up becoming the same. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are a very active person who likes the "life", you are likely to get tired of the environment, since there are many days in the same place, and having everything you need there you can finish a little fed up.

Even so, I keep the wonderfulness of its advantages and I will continue booking All Inclusive every time I go relaxing.