Discover Gabon

Gabon is full of caves, forests and rivers, so discovering the area can become an unforgettable adventure. If you want to combine culture and different activities on your trip, this is your destination. Gabon will awaken your adventurous interest. You have a lot of coastline to explore and a little further inland, you can enjoy whale watching . Also, the cultural and traditional ways of life of the locals will make you appreciate the simple and honest life along with great human kindness.

Its people are very friendly and helpful to visitors . Dance, song and poetry remain a very important part of their traditional life. Most of the settlements have developed along many of the rivers that cross the country. The capital is Libreville, but there are other very important cities such as: Port Gentil, Lambaréné, Moanda, Oyem, Mouila and Franceville.

The rail line runs only 410 kilometers (254 miles) and connects Libreville and Franceville. Libreville is not a purely African city. It has high-rise hotels lining its beaches and a host of expensive shops and restaurants. The Presidential Palace, built in the 1970s, cost a whopping $ 800 million.

In the south you will find Lambaréné . This is well known for the hospital built by Dr. Albert Schweitzer. In the area, you will find some gold mines thanks to which some small villages can survive. Local crafts are also a great subsistence method.