Discover cities from the tourist buses

Whenever we travel to a big city we see those colorful, roofless buses that wander through its streets. These are a very good option if we have little time to make our visit and we don’t want to leave without discovering the most important places in the city we have been to. In some cases the tourist buses are a simple tour of the city , but if you get on one of them in one of the cities that we mention below, it will be a memorable experience.

The city of London has many attractions but they are a bit scattered. Getting on a tour bus would be an excellent decision. In addition, in this city these types of buses are picturesque and popular, so they will allow you to meet many other travelers.

On the other hand, it is true that the center of Madrid is easy to explore on foot. But still the alternative of seeing the city from one of these buses is tempting. They have an excellent tour that will allow you to discover the best of the city.

In New York , the city of skyscrapers, you will be able to contemplate the different neighborhoods and realize the great differences between them.

This is also an interesting way to discover the city of Beijin . But not only that, since you can also discover its different landscapes and its history. You will be able to see parts of the city impossible to know otherwise. It is also a quick way to visit the Great Wall of China.

And finally, we advise you to get on the Moscow tourist bus. You will enjoy splendid panoramic views of this imposing city. It is an interesting tour through which you can learn about the evolution of the city and its development.