Five tips on what not to do in London

Usually they are advised on what we should do or what we should not miss when we visit a new country or city. But why not advise on what not to do? Here is a brief list of some mistakes that cannot be made when visiting this city.

First of all, don’t pay to enter the museums . Most of them are free. Tate Modern, British Museum, The National Gallery, Tate Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, National Portrait Gallery, National Maritime Museum, and the Imperial War Museum. These are the most important in London and all of them are free to access.

Don’t drive or walk on the wrong side . As you may already know in Great Britain, cars drive on the left unlike most countries. However, if you are walking you must do it on the right.

Don’t confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge . It is very common to confuse the first with the second, but they are different bridges. The most famous bridge in London, so to speak, is Tower Bridge. The London Bridge is another bridge close to this one, but not as touristy. The latter bridge was built after the original London Bridge burned. A fire in a bakery spread and burned the entire bridge in 1750.

It is preferable not to shop on Oxford Street or Regent Street. These two streets are full of confused tourists. There are other more recommended streets such as Kensintong High Street or Kings Road.

And lastly, don’t go to Buckingham Palace expecting to see the queen . It is very difficult to see it. When he is in the palace there are more guards than usual and also the royal flag is raised.