Eating in Lisbon

LISBON I can’t think of a better plan to celebrate that we are in May, that it is spring and that the days are already infinitely longer than escaping to Lisbon . In spring, because it is spring, and in winter because yes. I would travel to the Portuguese capital every two to three.

Lisbon has a lot, a lot, to see. In Vuela Viajes we have already told you which are the essential visits you have to do in the city. Now I wanted to tell you about one of the essential chapters of any trip: what to eat in Lisbon.

The land of cod

Portuguese gastronomy is excellent and offers great recipes, among which fish dishes stand out. In addition, in Lisbon there are very good restaurants, with an excellent culinary offer and at affordable prices. Although, of course, you have to know where to find them.

One of the things that characterizes the offer of restaurants in Lisbon is its wide variety . You can find from the most expensive and elegant restaurants, to bars and taverns where you will eat very well for very little money. As for the star dishes, we will start with a classic of Portuguese gastronomy: cod . In Lisbon, cod is cooked in so many ways that it will surprise you. I particularly love bacalhau a brás , which is prepared crumbled and scrambled with eggs and potatoes.

There are also other typical dishes, such as green broth , based on potato and cabbage; the seafood acorda , a very tasty soup; or the Portuguese stew. And in the dessert chapter, although you have several options to choose from, you cannot miss the Belem cakes , very famous, delicious and with an ancient recipe. It is a kind of puff pastry base filled with cream and with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. A pleasure for the palate.