Floating pools in Germany and Austria

Despite the fact that Germany and Austria are two cold countries, we invite you to try the floating pools found in Berlin and Vienna . We don’t want you to get sick, no, we just invite you to live an unforgettable experience inside a Badeschiff .

These are barges that contain jacuzzi pools, solarium and cafeteria inside. The one in Vienna , floating on the waters of the Danube River, is a typical meeting point where you can have a beer for about 8 euros.

For its part, the one in Berlin has a sauna and spectacular views of the city. Created in 2004, it is a great success right on the River Spree. In addition, it has an open-air bar and a small artificial beach ideal for relaxing. The hours are from 12 in the morning until 00.00 hours (on weekends until 03:00 hours). The ticket price of 12 euros gives you the right to enjoy up to 3 hours of service. On weekdays it costs 8 euros and there is also a voucher of 10 tickets for 100 euros.