Get to know Chiang Mai

When we think of Thailand , many of us think directly of its hectic capital, Bangkok. This is a great city full of so many people, traffic, smoke, sounds, etc. that too often can scare the most unsuspecting tourists. However, Thailand is a country of overwhelming diversity, and fortunately in its extreme north the hustle and bustle of Bangkok disappears.

In that area that we will tell you about, you will find the charming Chiang Mai . This is the capital of northern Thailand, and has a much more relaxed and tourist-friendly pace of life. In fact, one of the best ways you will have to get around it will be by renting a bicycle. The city has a large number of glorious temples (more than 300) or as they are known in Thailand, the Wats. These exquisite buildings intricately decorated with semi-precious stones, glass and other ornaments are a great attraction for many visitors.
Chiang Mai2
The other main attraction is the wide variety of trekking excursions that can be taken. Chiang Mai is the starting point for many travelers from all over the world who want to go trekking through the tropical jungles of Thailand. Visitors have the opportunity to walk into the unknown and try to have some parts of their journey done on the back of an elephant .
Some nights can be spent in the company of the many mountain tribes that still live just beyond Chiang Mai. Many of these tribes still live in the same traditional way as centuries ago, so you can learn a lot of curious things.