Glasgow: what to see in 24 hours

Glasgow is a city that attracts many tourists because it is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom after London and Birmingham. However, sometimes, it is chosen as the sleeping point or center of all excursions or routes. In others, it ends up being an enclave of passage when you want to make a route through Scotland. Although it has many attractions , it is possible to take a tour in 24 hours . What to see in just one day? Here we tell you what you cannot miss.

The route

One of the must-sees in Glasgow are the botanical gardens with lush streets and magnificent lawns, as well as seeing Victorian greenhouses with exotic tree ferns, orchids and other species that stand out such as the national collection of begonias. In addition, on some occasions, the kiosk for coffee and ice cream is open or you can go to the tea room .

Another great attraction is the Riverside Walk, which follows the path to the Kelvin River for an attractive walk along its banks, which leads to Kelvingrove Park . It is an oasis within the city itself.

A visit to the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery is also a must on your Glasgow tour, which is a true Victorian masterpiece highlighting the eclectic collection of 8,000 exhibits, ranging from dinosaur skeletons to a World War II spitfire. World.

Glasgow is also known for its university , which has a magnificent neo-Gothic campus. And from here, if there is still time, it is just stroll to walk the streets of this city that has a great and eclectic architecture. And, of course, enjoy its music , pubs , bars and restaurants . If it gets dark, it is well worth visiting its lively nightlife.