Halloween in PortAventura 2019

Halloween is coming soon. One of the most anticipated dates on the calendar for all those who like to be scared and live terrifying experiences. Obviously, like every year, there are different options to celebrate this date, but there is always one that never fails. It is the PortAventura theme park, which is ready to offer some terrifying days until November 17 . In addition, this year, it comes with news , transforming the theme park into a more than gloomy environment. Here we review the main attractions.

Cursed island

One of the novelties for this Halloween in PortAventura is called La Isla Maldita . An adventure in which, if you have been a survivor of the storm that took place in Caribe Aquatic Park , you must escape from the most spooky pirates you have ever seen.

The water park will be transformed into an entire passage of terror – the only one in Europe – in which more than 90 characters will take the scene and from whom it will be necessary to flee along a journey that lasts about 35 minutes .

In reality, the journey is shorter in distance – it is only one kilometer – but intense adventures and moments of terror will prolong the experience over time. So be careful with the pier or the beach because there may be inhabitants there that you do not want to see.

All those who manage to survive will have their reward . And what does it consist of? In taking a photo , which will prove that you are a survivor of La Isla Maldita.

For the

PortAventura will offer many more experiences during Halloween. Another one that you can live intensely is the so-called Halloween Parade . The entire theme park will dress in black and the characters will take their streets in the Mediterranean area.

The dances, the music, the setting…. It can be seen and enjoyed through this Parade, which is the final celebration of Halloween for this season with its grand closing parade in which all the characters and dancers of the shows and the most terrifying of the year will participate.


Fear also happens in the Mediterranean lake in which there are strange creatures in its waters, strange characters that are on its surface, columns of fire that hide secrets …

For 12 minutes there is an experience of terror, which is accompanied by fire shows, giant screens, pyrotechnics and music from beyond the grave . There is no lack of a different touch that is provided with jet skis driven by skeletons that cross the lake.


Halloween is still going to give much more of itself this season. And it is that, in addition, you can enjoy the Rec Experience , one of the longest passages in Europe and which is known for being one of the most terrifying .

A 15-minute tunnel along which 40 characters will appear unexpectedly and who are inspired by the film in the REC saga. All of them will try not to let you escape. Will you be able to get out and survive?

The Sesame Adventure

PortAventura also opens to the celebration of Halloween for the little ones through Sésamoaventura . In it, Count Draco will be one of the protagonists in a show in which there will be many surprises.

And that’s not all because the area has been set for Halloween, so that the entire city will be decorated with motifs alluding to this terrifying night in which there will be no shortage of other Sesame Street characters such as Coco to fly over the area and see the city from the air.

There will also be no shortage of secrets , which are hidden in the great magic tree or the mysteries that will have to be discovered in the Elmo’s farm where many animals live.

These are just some of the attractions that are offered these days in PortAventura to enjoy a different Halloween and in which children and adults can have a "scary" time. And never better said.