Is it worth booking through TheFork?

Those who do not miss an article that we publish in Vuela Viajes know that from time to time we get an opinion on something, such as La Vida es Bella’s hiring service. Today I am going to focus on ElTenedor , an online platform that allows you to reserve a table at thousands of restaurants enjoying exclusive promotions.

I have to say that I have used TheFork on many occasions and have usually had a very pleasant experience . However, I have not always had the same luck, and from what I have heard I have not been the only one who has gone home pissed off one day.

Second class diner?

Certain restaurants are very clear that they will not offer the same service to a customer who comes with a discount as to a customer who comes without a discount. All this despite the fact that they are interested in making themselves known and want to fill tables that without ElTenedor would probably remain empty, so they gladly accept being part of the catalog of the well-known platform.

The bad news comes when the restaurant is going from strength to strength that day and there is a queue to enter (it is not usual for those who always do well to appear on ElTenedor). You have reserved for an hour and with that there is usually no problem, but sometimes they make you wait a little longer than normal, something that you should communicate to ElTenedor so that they can contact the restaurant in question, which I imagine is by contract It will have committed to strictly abide by the reservation schedules.

Another problem you can find with the location . It has happened to me, and to people I know too, who have ended up at a table reserved for ElTenedor clients, which is the one with the worst position in the restaurant, either because it is next to the bathroom, in the middle of a corridor, etc. Chance? Maybe yes, or maybe not. It would be necessary to go more times to see if ElTenedor’s clients always suffer the same fate.

Worst cases

It has not happened to me, but I have read that certain customers have been told that the quota of diners who came from ElTenedor had already been covered and the corresponding discount has not been applied, which in some cases can reach 50 %. That must be to get angry and call the service a scam.

A reservation platform with a great search engine

All this that I have just mentioned is not normal. In fact, my assessment of TheFork is quite good. To begin with, because it allows you to filter the search for restaurants by city, by promotion and by type of cuisine, which makes things much easier for you. In addition, you can see photographs of the restaurant and the dishes served, as well as knowing some of the dishes on the menu and their respective prices. And not only that, but you can get the opinions of other diners who have already been there, which is quite useful when it comes to getting an idea of ​​what to expect.

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