The 8 most beautiful cities in Germany

Preparing a route through Germany? Don’t miss any of the cities I mention in this article! It is true that you will have to travel many kilometers because it is a relatively large country, but I am convinced that it will be worth making an effort to visit them all.

Before starting the review I want to make it clear that the most beautiful towns in Germany are also essential, so I hope you have scheduled a trip of more than ten days so that you can see everything.


The capital of Germany cannot be left out of that route for the world. It is probably not the most beautiful of all, but it has emblematic buildings and monuments that cry out for a photo. I mean the Reichstag Building, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate …

Population : 3.5 million inhabitants.

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Munich is a city where you would stay to live without hesitation. It combines the modern with the traditional and has several parks where you can escape from problems for a few hours. You have to visit the Hofbräuhaus brewery to feel like a true German and you cannot forget to visit its main point of interest: the Marienplatz, where its beautiful town hall is located.

Population : 1.5 million inhabitants.

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To speak of Cologne is to speak of a city that we quickly associate with its majestic cathedral, the highest in the world among all those that are in the Gothic style. It is 157 meters high and you can climb to a very high point to contemplate privileged views of this city that is also well known for the Hohenzollern Bridge, where the locks that symbolize the love of many couples who have passed through there are accumulated.

Population : 1.05 million inhabitants.

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The second largest city in Bavaria is walled, which reminds us that it was an important enclave during medieval times. It is crossed by the Pegnitz River and is famous for its spectacular Christmas market, something we will talk about in the article that we recommend below.

Population : 500,000 inhabitants.

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One of the main cities in northern Germany is Hamburg. It does not enjoy the same popularity as other German cities when it comes to tourism, but the truth is that it is worth visiting for several reasons. It has one of the largest ports in Europe and it is not surprising that it is considered "The Venice of the North", since there are several channels and routes in which you can navigate.

Population : 1.8 million inhabitants.


Frankfurt is the financial center, the place where companies go to grow. In fact, there are important events such as the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is one of the most reputable on the international calendar. Apart from that, it has several points of interest such as the Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé or Römerberg, which is in the old town of Frankfurt and is where the town hall is located.

Population : 750,000 inhabitants.

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It is the smallest city on this list, but I think it deserves to be there for obvious reasons. The city of the seven hills, which is as it is known for being settled on seven hills like Rome, was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. Visiting it is like traveling to the past, since many buildings from hundreds of years ago they are kept in perfect condition. Its old town hall is simply incredible, worthy of a photo session on the banks of the Regnitz River.

Population : 80,000 inhabitants.


If you plan to visit the Neckar River Valley, you cannot miss Heidelberg, a fairytale city that has the privilege of having the first university in Germany, which was founded in 1386. That makes the university atmosphere noticeable in places such as the Charles Teodoro Bridge, the Market Square, Heidelberg Castle or the Philosophers’ Walk, from where you can contemplate fantastic views of the city.

Population : 160,000 inhabitants.

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