Karlovy Vary, the spa town that you cannot miss

Surely you have already traveled to Prague . It is the city that is mainly visited and that appears on all trips to the Czech Republic. However, this country has many other charms that are not always included in the itineraries. And it is a pity because they are of great beauty and can be seen in a short time, being ideal, also, to make a getaway or a small trip when you do not have much economic budget to travel. Among these options, there is Karlovy Vary , which is known as the spa town and which is an authentic gem within the Czech Republic .

The spa town

Although Karlovy Vary is well known for being the spa town , lately it is also famous for hosting its International Film Festival . Either way, it is a town worth seeing.

Karlovy Vary – it is located within the Czech Republic (about an hour from Prague) and close to Germany – has a lot of history to know and discover. And it is precisely that it is known as the spa city because the hunting dog of Emperor Charles IV discovered a spring with hot waters in the area where the city is now. One reason why it is also known as Karlsbad or Termas de Carlos .

Over the years and since this discovery in 1358, this city has become one of the most popular locations in the world as a spa because famous people such as Beethoven or Goethe also spent a lot of time there, which has a sculpture in the capital, among others, whose houses can be seen.


What to see

Apart from this curious history, Karlovy Vary is a city of great beauty and attractions that go beyond its mineral waters and spas. In fact, it is considered a true jewel in Western Bohemia .

Apart from all the clinics and spa hotels and other establishments focused on the well-being of people, there is much to see. A must-see is the colonnade (19th century buildings) of the Dvorak Park , which houses charming medicinal springs. In general, you can drink from them directly.

Another visit is the Colonnade of the Mill , which stands out for its somewhat ostentatious structure and houses six sources of medicinal water. Its Corinthian-style columns are worth noting.

The tour also has to lead to the Market Colonnade , which was built in 1883 and whose lines are reminiscent of the architecture of Switzerland, and to the Pavilion of the Hot Springs , which is located on the promenade along the river. This contemporary-style building has a large water fountain inside, which is at a temperature of around 72 degrees Celsius.

Also close to the banks of the river is the Church of Santa María Magdalena , which is one of the most important in the city and is in the Baroque style, as well as the Gran Hotel Pupp , which represents imperial architecture.

The Diana Tower allows you to enjoy impressive panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. In addition, it is close to the Gran Hotel Pupp. The tour also takes us to see the Orthodox Church of Peter and Paul , which is in the upper part of the city, as well as the Thermal Hotel, which is the cultural center of the city, and the Vridlo Fountain and the Municipal Theater .

You can also see the houses of the Knights of Malta and that of Mozart , who lived there, among many other attractions that can be seen in any street where the construction of their homes draws attention.

Typical products

We cannot stop talking about Karlovy Vary without mentioning typical products. Obviously, many ceramic cups are seen to be able to drink the waters of the springs. But, in addition, you can also taste the Becherovka liquor (herbs, spices and roots), which is famous, or see the Moser glassware , which is 150 years old.