Maldives islands, the most beautiful paradise to get lost

The islands are always associated with beautiful and somewhat idyllic landscapes. And it is not for less because most of them are authentic paradises . Within this group, there are several options to spend a great vacation in which to rest, disconnect from everything … In short, get lost on whatever island you are. It is an option for which the Maldives Islands are a 10 destination . Reasons, as we say, are not lacking to travel to them. If you do not know them, here we explain why you should plan a trip there as soon as possible after the confinement and mobility limitations of citizens are over.


The Maldives are islands where you can talk about their attractions for hours and hours. One of them is undoubtedly the natural environment . This area is one of the least populated in Asia, as well as being an area in which privacy is very well maintained. One reason why it is a destination that is among the most chosen by famous people or with high purchasing power who seek to maintain their total anonymity.

Besides, these islands are exceptional to get in touch with that nature. And it is that the environment is pure and it is a great pleasure to enjoy the sea ​​breeze with which the batteries are "recharged" in a very short time.

Water is another of the strengths of this destination, as some experts point out that it helps to alleviate respiratory problems . But that is not all because, precisely, its clear and clean water facilitates the practice of water sports and the use of snorkel masks to see the bottom of the sea, the different species of fish and aquatic animals such as giant manta rays or turtles. Other species such as sharks and whale sharks are also observed.

And all this without forgetting other attractions such as the captivating and lively coral reefs that are a scarce meter from the surface, as well as the schools of tropical fish and infinite colors, stars and seahorses, sponges, algae …

They are waters that are also ideal for diving and other sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, paddle surfing or surfing, although this last sport is more limited because it is not usual that there are enough waves.

And that’s not all. These islands offer numerous possibilities. Getting bored or being left with nothing to do is not common because you can also enjoy its excellent beaches , which are among the best in the world .

The advantage is that there are 1,200 islands to choose from – only about 200 are inhabited – and enjoy its beaches of white , luminous and very fine sand and its waters that, in addition to being transparent, have a beautiful blue reflection and are of warm temperature .

Other activities

And for those who do not want to spend the whole day on the beach or at the resort enjoying different activities such as traditional relaxing massages with typical techniques of the area, there are still more things to do.

Maldives also has cultural attractions . For example, you can visit the capital Malé to see some monuments such as the mosque – the religion on these islands is Muslim – as well as the fish market where you can see species of all kinds, although tuna predominates.

The fish market is a bustling environment that adds to an itinerary that also takes you to know the city through its small streets and the jetty area, which is one of the liveliest with craft stalls. The islands also have the National Museum, the People’s Palace and the monument for the victims of the tsunami, which devastated the area in 2004.