Museum of Military Miniatures in Jaca

Museums are fantastic places where you can discover a lot of things about something in particular, be it about painting, sculpture or the history of a city, country or civilization. There are also other museums that are more curious in which you can discover really original content. One of them is the Museum of Military Miniatures , which is in Jaca (Huesca) and where you can discover a wide collection of lead figurines that tell part of the story.

Carlos Royo-Villanova, creator of this museum, began to collect these figures in the 60s, and this was the case for more than 20 years until he managed to collect more than 35,000 pieces from different armies and eras from around the world. The Jaca City Council acquired this collection in 1984 and exhibited it in a small room that ended up being closed as environmental conditions deteriorated the pieces. In 2003 work began on its restoration and a new space was created so that they could be in optimal condition.

Thus, since April 11, 2007 this museum has been open again, which you can now visit in the Castillo de San Pedro , also known as the Citadel and which is one of the most beautiful and emblematic places in the city. A castle that is the ideal environment for this spectacular collection since you will see it in an environment that still preserves its barracks, bastions, moats, powder magazines, tunnels …

In addition, this museum also aims to enhance its educational character by developing different scripts so that both adults and children can know what each representation is due to and what history it has behind. You can enjoy the recreation of battles and armies from around the world, such as the Roman Empire, classical Greece, the Crown of Aragon, the Crusades, the Napoleon era, the Spanish armies or the great wars of the 20th century. Guided tours are organized for small groups and audio guides can also be hired.