Egg museum

Did you know that eggs also have a museum ? There are hundreds of rare museums scattered around the world, and this time we are going to tell you about the Egg Museum. A place as peculiar as this is found in France, in the town of Soyans in the Rh么ne-Alpes region. You already know that when it comes to collecting something, anything goes, and in this museum what you will see is an incredible collection of eggs.

The Egg Museum is one of the rarest places in France without a doubt, but it has also become one of the most unique in the world. Collect a collection of eggs of all sizes and colors. Eggs of all kinds of animals: birds or reptiles. Some with incredible stories , others simply decorated, sculpted eggs, painted eggs and ultimately eggs of all kinds.

This museum opened its doors almost ten years ago, in 1994 after the celebration of the Egg Festival two years earlier in the south of France. After this festival an exhibition was inaugurated and with the passage of time this exhibition has become a museum that now houses more than 4,000 specimens of eggs .

You can find pieces as rare as an ibis egg, a bird that is in danger of extinction and whose eggs have a very characteristic bluish color. There are also dark green ones like those of the emu, and even those of turquoise color of the great crow. There are even dinosaur eggs and the most incredible of all, the Nessie egg, the famous Loch Ness monster.