The Louis Armstrong Museum in New York

This week I am bringing you several little things from New York , and it is that at last this year I will visit this city and I have been preparing the trip for a while now so as not to miss anything, so I am discovering a lot of places that I did not know and that seem very Recommended for any type of person since there are things that everyone likes regardless of the type of tourism you like to do. And today’s is one of them.

Today I dedicate this post to one of the greats in the history of music, Louis Armstrong, who has a museum in his honor in Queens , one of the most important districts of New York. The Louis Armstrong Museum is located in what was his home in this famous neighborhood and is an ideal place to visit with the family as its history fascinates both children and adults.

Almost $ 2 million was invested in rebuilding the house to become a museum, but it was certainly worth it as it is one of the most visited museums in New York. The famous musician bought it in 1943 and lived there with his wife, leaving in his will that the house became the property of the city government when they both died, so it was the New York City Council that carried out the renovations to give life to one of the most important museums in the city.

This museum is declared by the New York City Council as a historical monument , so it is taken care of in detail and always in perfect condition. In it you can discover how Armstrong’s life was, how he started in the world of music and listen to unpublished songs, as well as see the extensive musical collection that he owned, all of this always listening to some of his songs in the background.