Palace concerts in Berlin

Enjoy the best classical music and a pleasant dinner at the court of the first Prussian king. The Charlottenburg Palace , the first cultural center in Old Prussia , was erected in honor of the first Prussian queen Sophie Charlotte and today it is the best place to enjoy a very special night.

In a palatial atmosphere the Berliner Classical Music Orchestra “ Berliner Residenz Orchester ” currently plays the most beautiful classical compositions of the 17th and 18th centuries . The repertoire includes works by Johann Sebastián Bach , Georg Friedrich Händel , Mozart and the Prussian King Frederick the Great .

The orchestra ensemble, as well as the reception staff, will greet you dressed in period costume . Before the concert you can enjoy an exquisite romantic dinner by the light of more than 500 candles in the historic glasshouse of the Charlottenburg Palace with menus consisting of different dishes, among which are the favorites of King Frederick the Great .

The castle’s large greenhouse offers each visitor a unique journey back to the Baroque era . They also offer guided tours of the Palace throughout the year, including a wonderful boat trip on the River Spree . The concerts take place from this month of March to January 2010, with a total number of performances of up to 6 times a week and they start at 20:30 .

To make reservations, go to:

Berliner Residenzkonzerte GroBe Orangerie im Schloss Charlottenburg Sapndauer Damm 22-24 \ 14059 Berlin – Charlottenburg.
Tel. +49/30/258 10 35-0