Quick visit to Ukraine

Not many tourists choose to go to Ukraine during their vacations. Perhaps ignorance has to do with this, so today we are going to talk about Ukraine as a possible vacation destination that you are sure to love. Your trip to Ukraine should start with Kiev. Kiev has gained notoriety for being the "mother city" not only of Ukraine, but also of Russia and Belarus.

You only have to visit the northeast quadrant of the city, called the « Old Town» , to realize where you are. This is where the Saint Sophia Cathedral is located . Unlike some other historic buildings, tourists can venture inside and admire the mosaics and frescoes. At the end of one of the streets adjoining the cathedral you will find the Bessarabsky market, full of fruit and vegetable vendors.

Your second stop may be Kamyanets-Podilsky . It is located approximately 25 km from where Romania, Ukraine and Moldova meet. Kamyanets-Podilsky has a bridge of great historical importance that, for centuries, was the only link between the city and the mainland. Around this bridge , dozens of towers have been built which are open to tourists . Like Kiev, Kamyanets-Podilsky has a large number of churches, monasteries, museums, and historical buildings.

Another stop should be in Yalta . Here you can enjoy its piers, art markets, bars, beaches and much more. You can relax and find the necessary peace after a few tiring days of travel on its wide beaches . You can also do some cultural visit by going to the Chekov house-museum .