Reasons to visit Gent

Gent , located in Belgium , was born at the confluence of the Leie and Schelde rivers. In the 13th century, Gent and Bruges were joined by the canal, and almost 100 years later more than 5,000 workers were already working in the textile sector in the city . For years and years the textile sector was booming but they dumped their pollutants into the River Leie, which made it take on a pitiful color.

Things have improved a lot in the last 10 years; the Leie has been cleaned up, tourism is booming, and the city’s prestigious university attracts students from around the world. This influx of young people has made the city especially vibrant, energetic and rich in history without being anchored in the past. If you have not yet decided to visit this city, here are some reasons why you should go:

Avoid the crowds . The medieval center of Gent is a little less beautiful than that of Bruges, but while tourists there are waiting all day in queues and crowds, you will not find overwhelming places in Gent and you will be able to visit very at ease.

Eat, drink and be happy . When it comes to eating, Gent boasts some of the best regional Belgian restaurants. Some of the typical dishes of the area are: waterzooi (cream of chicken broth) and paling in’t Groen (eel in green sauce).

The Gent canal, and specifically the Graslei side, is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and is lined with a lot of cafes and restaurants. The good weather and its terraces will invite you to sit down and enjoy the views.