The best beaches and coves of Formentera

Formentera is a very beautiful island located in the Balearic archipelago, very close to Ibiza . It is one of the most successful national territories among tourists despite the fact that it is a very quiet island with little influx. Its beaches are spectacular and most of those who visit the island seek to find the relaxation that they have not been able to enjoy throughout the year.

Migjorn Beach

The 69 kilometers of coastline that it has go a long way. The rocky sections alternate with the gravel and sand beaches and the effect is very pleasing to the eye. In total there are 22 beaches , 18 of which can be considered sandy. Llevant Beach is one of the longest but we can also find small coves that are barely 50 meters long. Cala Codol谩 is one of them. We can also try taking a dip in S’Espalmador , a tiny private island where tranquility is the only thing that counts. It is elevated to the category of a natural park and is barely 3 square kilometers in area. Right there we can go to visit S’Alga beach , although this can only be visited by boat.

It is Arenal

The beaches are practically all far from the urban center . The only one that is not is Cala Savina , so in the others it is essential to bring drinks and food because it is very difficult to see any establishment there. At most we can see the typical street vendor of soft drinks and fruit who charges us what he thinks.

Ses Illetes

If what we want is to enjoy the waves and water sports, the best we can do is visit Migjorn beach , Ses Salines beach or Arenals beach . Anyway, for all those who dare with the waves, tell them to go with caution. The waves can be extremely violent on exceptional days.

Cala Savina

There are beaches and coves that become more crowded with the arrival of high season than others. These are Cala Saona , the beaches of Ses Illetes , Cala d’en Borr脿s or the previously mentioned Pas de s’Espalmador . With a medium occupation we will find Cal贸 d’es Morts and Sa Roqueta and with practically no one we will be able to bathe in Punta de sa Pedrera or Ses Canyes , with a special charm for being one of the most virgin in the place.

Sa Roqueta

If what you want is to go to a gravel beach and practice nudism , we advise you to drop by three coves that are spectacular: Cal贸 des Moro, Cal贸 d’en Trull and Cala en Baster . You can also choose to visit the Tramontana beach , the most representative of nudism in Formentera.