Do you know Santa Lucia?

This mountainous island, located in the Caribbean , has much more to offer than great beaches. If all you want to do in Santa Lucia is lie on the beach, you are going to miss the best of the island: its interior jungle. This jungle is ideal to get lost while hiking . The hills grow to form great volcanic mountains and reach up to the sky.

Your senses on this island will be bombarded by the breathtaking sights, smells and sounds of a territory that is truly alive. In the north of Saint Lucia is the Pigeon Island National Park , known for its walks and its small sandy beach. Cities like Castries stir and stir visitors with the sounds of car horns and the most danceable reggae everywhere.

You will surely find beaches where you can sit on the terrace of a good hotel and enjoy the views. You can go diving and go on excursions on some sailboats in the area. The Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC $) is the island’s currency. US dollars are generally accepted by taxi drivers and larger hotels. You must make sure that you are talking about the same currency when you negotiate rates with taxis or ask for rates in hotels, so as not to get scared.

Travelers checks can be cashed in banks and larger hotels without problems. Visa, American Express, and MasterCard are widely accepted at hotels, car rental agencies, and restaurants. 8% tax and 10% service will be added to the final amount of the invoices.