Riquewihr, the most beautiful village in France

France is not only one of the most visited countries in the world because of the attractiveness of Paris and its iconic Eiffel Tower. Our neighboring country has much more, such as the castles of the Loire or villages like Riquewihr , which I have to say is the most beautiful of all.

Located in the department of Haut-Rhin, in the Alsace region, it has barely 1,000 inhabitants who are used to being visited by tourists who arrive camera in hand wanting to fall in love with its picturesque streets.

Alsatian beauty and taste of wine

One of the first points in Riquewihr’s favor has to do with the climate, which is usually quite pleasant despite being very far from the towns that are part of the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur. That invites you to stroll contemplating its Alsatian-style houses, which live surrounded by vineyards and display a beautiful floral decoration both on the balconies and on the facades. The fact that there are so many vineyards explains why it is part of the so-called Route des Vins (Wine Route), being only 15 kilometers from Colmar (a spectacular city where you can also taste excellent wine).

Its medieval past remains practically intact. We can confirm this by contemplating its wall , since a large part of it is still standing. That means that the town is divided into two clearly separated parts, being able to access the oldest part through a beautiful portico (the one of the town hall) in which you will want to take a picture before walking down the main street.


Points of interest are not lacking

That general street is the Rue del General de Gaulle , and how could it be otherwise it is full of Alsatian houses with the characteristic wooden framework that we like so much. There are some with flowers on the balconies and there are some with very colorful facades, so visual entertainment is guaranteed.

Walking down this street it is also possible to contemplate the Torre Dolder , a watchtower built in the 13th century that is 25 meters high and is also worthy of a photograph. That is if you look at it from the inside, because from the area outside the old town it looks warlike that has nothing to do with the flowers and wood that it exhibits on the interior façade.

Right next to the tower is another point of interest. It is the Sinne Fountain , which in the past was the place where all the inhabitants went to clean barrels and wine containers. It is from the 16th century and is topped with a lion.

More nice things in Riquewihr? A Memorial monument to the children who died during the First and Second World War, the Tower of Thieves (it became the town’s jail) or the churches of Notre Dame, San Erard and Santa Margarita.

If you visit it at Christmas …

In closing, I would also like to talk about your Christmas market . It is celebrated from the end of November and lasts throughout the month of December. The town is transformed because the monuments are illuminated and the merchants put on sale an endless number of artisan products inspired by Christmas. All this enlivened with cookies and hot chocolate to withstand the cold.

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