Rovaniemi, the city where Santa Claus keeps gifts

If we tell you that we invite you to Rovaniemi , surely you will not give much importance to the subject. However, if we tell you later that it is about the city where Santa Claus keeps the gifts, surely things will change.

At least that is what thousands of tourists think every year, wrapping themselves from head to toe to travel to northern Europe, specifically to Finland , to Lapland . Last year, a total of 340,000 tourists visited that territory. This year, despite the crisis, it is expected to exceed the number of visitors.

A magical place

Although we know that Santa Claus lives in Korvatunturi , the truth is that Rovaniemi (capital of Lapland) is the place where he keeps the gifts that he gladly distributes every year. There we find the Santa Claus Village , a place where we can go for a sleigh ride, meet Santa Claus and his workshop and even give him a letter with all the gifts we want from you to you.

Very close to Santa Claus Village we find Santa Park , a theme park that opens its doors in December of each year. There are countless toys, sweets, candies, Christmas trees … everything that makes us experience Christmas in a special way.

For the elderly who are no longer old enough to eat excessively candy, it is best to try the reindeer meat that is offered (you can only eat the Lapp reindeer there) or relax in the park’s ice bar .

If you have money to spend on holidays and you want to live a different experience with your children, do not hesitate and get closer to Finnish Lapland, a place that will leave you marked for life .