Shopping in Vienna

Vienna is one of the European cities that most attracts my attention, and it is that from so many times that I saw the films of Sissi Empress since I was little, I fell in love with a city that I have never been to. On other occasions we have already told you about Vienna and many of the places you can visit there, so now I will focus on giving you a little hand on the subject of shopping, which is something that is always appreciated.

Vienna is characterized by having many streets and shops that are a real delight for those who love shopping, especially in Mariahilfer Strasse , which is in the heart of the city and is one of the busiest. Next I will tell you about shopping in Vienna and I will give you a few tips so that you know where to find certain things. Take note:

– In Mariahilferstrasse you can find a lot of fashion, jewelry and accessories stores, as well as luxury boutiques and department stores where you can find everything. There are also some electronics, movie, or computer stores. Without a doubt an area where you will find anything you may need.

– Also on that street you can find a lot of decoration, furniture, homeware or antique stores. In fact, there is even the Dorotheum auction house , an ideal place to get all of this.

– If you want to find the best jewels in the city, visit the Kärntner Strasse , Graben and Kholmarkt areas. There you will find exquisite jewelry with very elegant pieces. In fact, the most famous jewelery designers have opened their shops in this area.

– If you want to find bargains, you can stop by the Flea Market , where it is like a flea market or flea market every Saturday morning and where you can find all kinds of items from any season. Ideal for collectors.