Sleep in the Palace of Versailles

If you have ever been curious about what it would be like to sleep in a palace, you will soon be able to find out, since the Palace of Versailles will soon have a luxury hotel within its facilities. You will be located in a palatial house that has belonged to the French monarchy since the time of Louis XIV and which is less than 100 meters from the main building of the famous palace. Its category is already defined: 5 stars superior , so you will have to save enough to be able to spend at least a couple of days, although I am sure it will be worth it.

The mansion was built in 1680 to be the home and office of the King’s treasurer and there he lived with his family and servants until it was evacuated, like the rest of Versailles, during the French Revolution and was left in very poor condition during the 19th centuries. and XX. Now, the Belgian company Ivy International has opted to finance its renovation and conversion into the luxurious hotel, which will have only 23 exclusive rooms . Its name will be Hotel de l’Orangerie .

The truth is that the French population has shown their concern and rejection of the use of a monument with so much history to become a hotel, but the citizens of Versailles are happy with the project and are looking forward to it opening its doors, since It will undoubtedly be a major tourism injection for the city. It is slated to open in just a year, in January 2012, and on that day lucky guests will enjoy a stroll through the famous Versailles Gardens while sipping a glass of the best champagne in the country.