The beaches of Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar , located in Tanzania , has a total of 25 beaches interspersed between the fishing villages. All the beaches are made up of huge and beautiful palm trees, miles of white sand and crystal clear waters that belong to the Indian Ocean. On these beaches you can find areas with many algae where they are even grown. If you like to snorkel this is your ideal destination.

At the southern tip of the island you will find Kizimkazi . This is a fishing village that is located near some of the centers that take care of the bottlenose dolphins that move through the area and are usually seen not too far from the town.

On the island you can find a jail . This jail was built by slaves and is currently not used. In this area of ​​the island you can enjoy the sighting of giant tortoises and the beautiful coral reefs. Ras Nungwi , is the next fishing village that you can visit. It is located in the extreme north of Zanzibar and although it does not have many resources you can visit some of its concrete buildings. Here you can enjoy a busy night life.

Pemba Island is located north of Zanzibar. Only 50 kms separate the two islands. Here you cannot miss a visit to the ruins of the ancient city that date back to 1200 AD. The area is characterized by its voodoo rites and the beaches are formed by incredible reefs where you can practice diving. The best time to visit these incredible beaches is between the months of June to September, although being close to Ecuador its temperatures are always very warm and the weather does not usually vary much.