The best beaches of Altea in Alicante

A couple of days ago I wrote a post with the best beaches in Denia and today I would like to focus on the best ones in another Alicante town, specifically in Altea . It is a municipality that is also on the Mediterranean coast and has about 25,000 inhabitants, a figure that multiplies when the summer months arrive. There you will find several places of interest such as churches, a promenade or the old part of the city, but its beaches are, without a doubt, its main tourist attraction.

Altea has 6 kilometers of coastline among which several beaches of different characteristics are distributed, so take note of what are considered the best beaches in Altea :

La Roda Beach : it is 1,400 meters long and is an urban beach with high occupancy and a promenade. It has both sand and gravel and its waters are very calm. Among its services you can find a tourist office, parking, buses, showers, walkways, hammocks, umbrellas and the Nautical Club, which is only 200 meters away.

Cap Blanc Beach : it measures a little less than the previous one, 1,350 meters, and its occupation is also high. It also agrees that it has sand and gravel and calm waters. As for its services, you can rent nautical equipment and there are hammocks, umbrellas, showers, parking, buses, train station, walkways or telephones. It is next to the Nautical Club.

Cap Negret Beach : its length is 1,450 meters and has a lot of vegetation. Its occupation is medium, it has sand and gravel and the waters are a little rough. Among their services they have umbrellas, hammocks, toilets or buses.

La Olla Beach : it measures 1,400 meters and is a semi-urban beach with medium occupancy. It has no sand but is gravel and pebbles, with the sea always calm. There is a train station, buses, parking or WC.

Mascarat Sur Beach: this beach has many names in addition to the main one, such as Cala de la Solsida or Cala de la Barra Grande. It is only 150 meters long and is a semi-urban beach with low occupancy, so it is ideal if you are looking for tranquility. It is gravel and bowling and the swell is moderate. It has services such as buses, umbrellas, hammocks or an anchoring area.