The best card to travel around Europe

When you travel in Europe (and the rest of the world) you must make sure that everything is well tied so as not to get upset hundreds of kilometers away from home, especially when you go with children. It is important to hire a good travel insurance and keep in mind a series of tricks to spend little money, as it is also highly recommended to have a card that allows you to travel without worries , without having to suffer from the high commissions that they usually charge you for withdraw money abroad.

If the latter is something that you want to remedy once and for all because it makes you very angry, we recommend the ABANCA NX card , which, as we will explain below, is full of advantages for tourists who decide to go beyond the border.


If you are between 16 and 34 years old, you are in luck, since the ABANCA NX card makes life easier for you when you are on vacation away from Spain. Why? Well, because you can withdraw money for free at any ATM in the world 5 times a month, so with it you do not waste a single minute looking for an ATM where they do not charge commissions.

That they do not charge you that commission is very good, the same can be said that there are no commissions for issuance, maintenance or currency exchange . What does the latter mean? Well, for example, you can withdraw pounds sterling in the United Kingdom without being charged a commission for it during the first five times of the month.

The advantages do not end there, since you can also enjoy discounts at Galp service stations and in hundreds of establishments that adhere to the EURO 6000 Privileges program. In fact, there are many discounts that are direct, something that is explained very well in the ABANCA newsletter , to which we recommend you subscribe to be aware of the promotions.


How to get the card

To obtain the NX card, you can visit any ABANCA office or fill out the form that you will find on the bank’s website. That is if you are already a customer, because if you are not yet, you will have to create an ABANCA account for free and in less than 5 minutes . Make sure to collect all the information they ask for to streamline the process and you will see that in a matter of days they send you the NX debit card with the keys so that you can carry out all kinds of procedures from anywhere.

Win a super trip for two

Do you see yourself on vacation in Punta Cana? For sure YES! ABANCA raffles two trips for two people to the Caribbean paradise every month. The trips include roundtrip plane tickets from your city (or from the nearest city with a direct flight to Madrid), airport taxes and basic travel insurance. Transfers between the airport and the hotel are also included, the same can be said for a seven-night stay in a five-star all-inclusive hotel thanks to the collaboration between ABANCA and Halcón Viajes.