The best museums in Rome

If you are planning a trip to Rome for the next few months, you will be interested to know which are the best museums in the city. The capital of Italy has a lot to offer in terms of art, history and culture, so it is very important to take time to visit the most popular museums in the area.

Next I will briefly tell you about the three most famous: the Vatican Museums, the National Gallery of Ancient Art and the Borghese Gallery.

Vatican Museums

They are the galleries owned by the Church and it is possible to visit them through the Vatican City. There are exposed a multitude of works that are part of the collection of the Roman Catholic Church. The frescoes in the Sistine Chapel usually take center stage.

Check-in: Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00.
Price: The normal ticket costs 16 euros, the reduced one 8 euros and that of the schools 4 euros.


National Gallery of Ancient Art

It is divided into two parts: the Barberini Palace and the Corsini Palace . We can find collections of paintings from the thirteenth to eighteenth centuries, among which are such well-known works such as Stories of Christ by Giovanni da Rimini, Madonna with the Child of Master of the Venice Palace or Virgin with the Child and Annunciation by Filippo Lippi.

Borghese Gallery

Finally, this museum located in the Villa Borghese gardens is a must-see. Its exhibition is displayed over two floors that can be visited leisurely in about two hours. On the main floor there are many classic antiques, while on the upper floor there is a picture gallery with masterpieces such as Titian’s Sacred Love and Profane Love .

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