The best places to dive in Spain

One of the sports that is most practiced in Spain is diving , with many more followers than people think and with totally paradisiacal places to make the experience even greater. Here are the ones that are considered the best destinations for diving in Spain :

Islas Med as: They are located in l´Estartit, in the province of Girona, and there are 7 islands and some rocky islets that are not very far from the coast and that have a spectacular seabed, which makes it an ideal area for diving. Formerly it was an inhabited area and where pirates and merchants made stops during their long journeys.

Cadaqués : It is on the Costa Brava and is one of the best known Catalan destinations, also very famous for being the birthplace of the famous painter Dalí.

Columbretes Islands : It is a small archipelago that is off the coast of Castellón and has islands of volcanic origin, which makes its seabed an ideal place for diving thanks also to the transparency of its waters and the flora and fauna marina in the area.

Islas Hormigas : It is very close to Cabo de Palos in Murcia and is a Marine Reserve of great beauty in which you will find a spectacular and surprising seabed that will make your diving hours an unforgettable experience.

Cabo de Gata : This place in Almería is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Spain, which makes diving there also an experience.

Archipelago of Cabrera : It is in the Balearic Islands and it is one of the few natural parks that has been intact for a long time, thanks in part to the fact that it is not very visited as it is a bit far away. It has a magical underwater bottom with flora and fauna of great value, which makes the area a treasure for divers.

El Hierro : This Canarian island that is in fashion now because of the volcano that is emerging in its waters is also one of the main destinations in the world for diving, receiving divers every year from anywhere on the planet who want to discover the spectacular nature of its seascapes.