The best spas in the world in 2012

Spas , also called spas , have become fashionable in recent years in such a way that they have become one of the main choices when many people prepare their vacations. More and more are being opened around the world, many of them in spectacular places that make the experience of being in a spa multiplied infinitely thanks to the environment in which it is located.

A few days ago I saw a report with some of the best in the world, so I started looking to write them and that together we can dream of visiting them one day, although I am clear that if I am in those cities and places sometime, without a doubt I will visit one of those spas. Take note of the best spas in the world in 2012 :

Ananda Spa

It is in India, specifically in Rishikesh , the cradle of yoga and which is located in the northern part of the country. Thanks to its location and its surroundings, in the Himalayas, it makes it one of the most spectacular that you can visit. In addition to the multiple activities of every spa, here there are Ayurveda or yoga programs, among others.

Six Senses Spa

It is in Jordan, in Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, and it was built under natural hot springs that have a waterfall near the Dead Sea that makes its waters very beneficial and healing. The best thing about this spa is that it uses the natural properties of these waters in its therapies, which are very rich in minerals and are also used for facials, scrubs, massages and wraps.

Mekong Spa

It is in the city of Laos and it is one of the most beautiful in the world. In it there are anti-aging treatments, therapies such as aromatherapy or treatments to relieve sunburn or tired eyes, as well as of course massages and all kinds of body treatments.


It is one of the most important in Europe and is in Riga , the capital of Latvia. It takes its main properties from elements such as water and fire, with treatments inspired by them. Techniques of various origins are used, such as European, Indian, Chinese or Balinese.

Spa Resort Vegetable

It is in Sicily and in addition to a spa it is a resort where there is a golf course. It offers anti-aging therapies, thalassotherapy, fitness, detoxification and all kinds of facial and body treatments . In their treatments they usually use mainly Sicilian ingredients such as seaweed, olive oil, sea water or mud. Its thalassotherapy pools are among the best you will find in Europe.