The best spas in Europe

Health tourism is more successful every year, and more and more people decide to dedicate their vacation days to going to a Spa to be able to rest and relax for at least a couple of days before returning to the routine. I have started researching out there to find out which are the best Spas , and although it is difficult to know if I have found some lists that have many of them in common.

So, I leave you a small selection of the best Spas in Europe so that you can make the most of all the benefits that these types of places can offer you. Take note:

Hotel Clínica SHA : It is the best in Spain and one of the best in Europe despite not having been open for many years. In fact, it has been named the best medical spa in the world so if you have any ailment it is the best you can visit. It is on the Alicante coast, specifically in El Albir.
Capri Palace Hotel and Spa : In the Italian city of Capri, this place has a lot of treatments that focus solely on the beauty and health of the legs, with therapies that include medicinal mud so that you can achieve greater firmness in the skin.
Spaciomm : It is in Barcelona and has an excellent combination of modern design with natural elements such as wood or stone in its pools, treatment tables and cabins. The treatments are top-notch and they have their own line of products to carry them out. In addition, they also do different massages and Pilates.
Cinq Mondes Spa : It is in the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in it you can find all the treatments you can imagine and even the ones that might not even cross your mind that might exist. It is something like the best spa buffet in the world and you can find different treatments from all medicinal disciplines.
Serenity Spa : It is in Seaham Hall, in Durham (England). Here you can go from 13 years old (in many others you can’t until 17) and there are all kinds of specific treatments depending on how old you are. In addition, it has gyms, swimming pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms and a wide number of treatments available.