The best surf spots in the Caribbean

surfing in the caribbean
There is no doubt that the Caribbean is the preferred destination for anyone looking for sun and beach to enjoy it in the midst of spectacular landscapes worthy of being called paradises. Very famous for this type of tourism, it also gains more and more visitors who love surfing who seek on its beaches to be able to practice this sport in front of spectacular views.

Although not many people know it, the Caribbean is one of the best places in the world to practice surfing , and with the perfect combination of beaches, perfect weather, crystal clear waters and white sand, you only need a couple of waves and you will feel in surfing paradise. Many of the countries that make up the Caribbean have hosted countless surfing championships, so you will undoubtedly be in the ideal place to practice it. Take note of the best surfing destinations in the Caribbean :

Cayman Islands : The winter season is the best to go surfing since not only is it not noticeable that it is winter but at that time the waves grow a lot and are perfect for taking the board and throwing yourself into the sea. The best thing is that you go to the southernmost part of the island since there the waves are more followed and also a good size for surfing. In the rest of the island they are much bigger but they are not repeated as much.

Jamaica : Practically on any beach in this small country you will find the perfect waves to be able to surf at any time of the year.

Barbados : Probably the best destination in the entire Caribbean for surfing as there are many beaches with consistently good waves, especially on the east coast. If you are going to go to the west, it is best to go between December and March since that is when you can enjoy the best waves (the tide of the Pacific Ocean is rising on these dates).

Dominican Republic : Especially in Punta Cana you can enjoy many beaches suitable for surfing and that also have very white sand and are a paradise for the eyes of any visitor. According to experts, the best beaches in this country for surfing are those of Bávaro, Arena Gorda and Ubero Alto.