The spectacular Crater lake in Oregon

A couple of days ago, watching a travel program on television, I discovered a lake that has me in awe. It is about the Crater Lake , which is in Oregon (United States) and which is so called thanks to its formation in the caldera of a volcano that has been filled by thaws and the waters of various rains. A true wonder to behold and one of the most interesting points of the Crater Lake National Park .

First the eruption and then the collapse of the volcano gave way to a cavity of more than 9 kilometers in diameter and that in the deepest part reaches almost 600 meters. A unique landscape that becomes even more impressive when the weather is good and the sky and water merge in a spectacular blue with the mountains, as it appears in the photos.

There are also several steep cliffs that delimit the relief of the area and that help to achieve a unique picture. When the weather is good you can climb and walk through several of the mountains to go down to the lake. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States and the ninth deepest in the entire world. It is a heritage of the state of Oregon.

This wonderful lake is in the vicinity of the Cordillera de las Cascadas , another natural wonder considered a work of art by all those who have the privilege of enjoying it in person. With totally transparent water, there are times when it is difficult to know if there really is water in some areas or not depending on where you look at it from. According to several specialists, transparency allows you to see perfectly up to 40 meters below the surface. Amazing.