The Erg Chebbi desert in Morocco

In Morocco you will find truly spectacular landscapes, many of them desert and with a beauty that you will rarely be able to see elsewhere. Today I would like to talk to you about the Erg Chebbi desert , which is in the southeast of the country and on the border with Algeria. It is a field of dunes that achieves one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, undoubtedly worth seeing at least once in your life.

If you want to travel to the Erg Chebbi desert you must have a lot of adventurous spirit and also a lot of patience, and to get there you will have to travel many roads and in Morocco it cannot be said that they are of great quality. What is clear is that the effort will be worth it, so if you have the opportunity to visit it, do not hesitate because you will not regret it.

In this desert you can do many things in addition to enjoying the landscape, such as sleeping in a tent or touring all its dunes on the back of a camel. If you are going to travel to Morocco and want to visit this desert, I recommend that you hire the visit with a specialized company since it is much better than doing it on your own.

Walking through the desert is hard so it is best to prepare before traveling, going for a walk or exercising daily for at least half an hour so that the body gets used to it. Once there, it is recommended to spend the night in Ouarzazate , one of the most beautiful areas there and where you can visit various fortifications. There you will also find the studios where famous films such as "Gladiator" or "The Mummy" have been recorded.

Any excursion you want to do in this desert can be done in different ways, such as camel, quad or 4 × 4 . If you like skiing, there are areas where you can practice in the dunes, an experience. If you want something more relaxing, there are many places where you can get a sand therapy treatment.