The future, not far away, of our travels

Receptionist robots, elegant rooms that know customer preferences, virtual cards, etc. Everything is ready to change the way we travel in a few years. A study commissioned by the organizers of ITB Berlin , one of the world’s biggest shows in travel, suggests that technological advances will produce some far-reaching changes in the way we plan, book and enjoy our vacations.

In ten years, smart rooms could be a reality. Changing lighting, colors, air conditioning, and even the contents of the minibar could be immediately adapted to customer preferences. Thanks to the use of a code will transform the room, and if you have any questions travelers may hacérsela the robot receptionists who will be able to provide a high quality service.

Social media is also expected to play an increasingly important role in travel. This will allow consumers to plan trips and share their experiences in a different way. This suggests that Fairmont’s attempt to create a social network could be an innovation well ahead of its time, according to the ITB report suggesting that in the future, customers will be able to create their own public profiles that will be shared on a website. travel community. These communities will create a kind of hotel “families”.

People with the same interests will be able to share and get recommendations for services specifically designed for them in hotels. The report was produced by some 50 travel industry professionals from 30 different countries and will be presented in its entirety at ITB Berlin 2011.