The island of Brac in Croatia

On other occasions we have spoken in Vuela Viajes about how much Croatia has grown in tourism in recent years, thanks especially to the thousands of cruise passengers who choose the Mediterranean for their vacations. In this country there are many places with great beauty, one of them the island of Brac , where you can enjoy the good weather and its innumerable attractions.

Unknown to the general public, this island is one of the greatest Croatian treasures , and every year more people decide to get to know it as word of mouth is making it become well known. The most spectacular thing about this island is the shape it has, especially its main beach , which is very long, with a very peculiar shape and with totally crystalline water and very fine and clear sand.

The town of Supetar

But in Brac you can not only discover endless and spectacular beaches since there are many more places that are very interesting. One of them is Supetar , the most important town on the island and which is fantastic to explore on foot. Almost everyone spends the day on the beach and in the evening they go to town to take a walk and get to know it, there are buses that travel the entire island in a short time so that no tourist leaves there without knowing everything.


Among the many activities carried out on the island, those that give the most money to its inhabitants are fishing and agriculture. Thanks to that, the local products that can be tasted in its gastronomy are really tasty. In addition, the island produces a white stone that is used in many buildings around the world, such as the famous American White House.