The main attractions of Glasgow that you cannot (or should not) miss

Glasgow is one of the most important cities in Scotland . Probably next after the capital of Edinburgh. Its streets are an excellent combination of modernity and tradition, which is reflected in its artistic wealth and in the preservation of its history. It is a town that offers numerous possibilities when it comes to being visited: from its most ancient culture to popular events such as enjoying its pubs to taste haggis, its national dish.

What to see

Glasgow has many routes to do depending on what you are interested in seeing. And one of them takes place in the old part of the industrial and port city where the shipyards are located, dating from the 19th century and in which important ships such as the Queen Mary, Queen Elisabeth or the royal yacht have been built. Britannia. A route in which you also have to visit the buildings near the River Clyde .

Outside of industry, Glasgow is a city that also identifies with culture. Not surprisingly, here are the headquarters of the National Theater of Scotland, the National Cultural Center , the Scottish Ballet or The Scottish Opera . Likewise, it is the center of its university , apart from having a wide range of museums.

Among them, for example, is the Kelvingrove Museum , which has a red brick building and in which there are works by Dalí . In addition, you can see furniture designed by Mackintosh in which Chinese and Japanese influences are observed.

From this author, Glasgow is home to other places of interest such as the School of Art or unique buildings such as El Faro , on the Mitchell Line, which has several rooms for exhibitions, apart from housing a viewpoint from which the best views of Glasgow can be seen. Mackitonsh also designed several tea rooms , notably Mackintosh at the Willows .

The visit to Glasgow cannot end if you go to the Scotland Street School Museum , which is dedicated to his work , as well as to education in Scotland.

Popular culture

In addition to these attractions, you also have to get to know popular Glasgow, that is, the day-to-day life of this city. The pubs are characteristic for drinking whiskey – it is usually malt -, which is drunk in a short glass and alone or with a little water of the season.

Haggis is also eaten in pubs. A powerful duck with an intense flavor that is made with animal entrails and onions, apart from adding other seasonings , with which the lamb tripe is stuffed, which is cooked for a long time.