Very beautiful Scottish cities that you must visit

Scotland is a land with many populations to explore that go beyond its capital and the largest or most important cities. Everywhere, there are small places, some towns are medium in size, which have a lot of charm, as well as being full of history , tradition and art . Here we are going to make some proposals that you should take into account on your next trip to Scotland because they really are very beautiful.


The first stop within Scotland is at Melrose. Here is one of the four abbeys of the Borders . In it, 800 years ago the chants of its monks dressed in white robes were heard in its streets.

In this historic site, you should not miss the ruins that surround the abbey or take a tour to try to find the place where the heart of King Robert the Bruce is buried .

It is also recommended to visit Abbotsford , which is the manor house inhabited by Sir Walter Scott . It is impressive to see the bookshelves and period furniture , as well as the Sir’s collections.

And, of course, you should not leave without strolling through the magnificent gardens of the area and its routes in the surroundings or seeing the shops and cafes , which are located near the main street. Another attraction is the rugby field, which has hosted the international Melrose Sevens tournament since 1983.


In addition to Melrose, another enclave of great beauty in Scotland is Arbroath where Arbroath Abbey is located , which has an important historical significance because in it the Scottish nobility wrote the Declaration of Arbroath to the Pope approximately 700 years ago to confirm that Robert Bruce was the only king of Scotland .

Arbroath is a charming seaside town where you must try the Arbroath Smokie , which is a fresh North Sea pollock smoked on oak wood. It is the only place in the world where it can be tasted since it is protected.