The main cities of 2013 according to Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has just published its Top 10 of the most important cities of 2013. This list has been made on the occasion of its 2013 travel guide, in which San Francisco has been chosen as the best city, followed by Amsterdam, Hyderabad, Derry and Beijing . San Francisco has been selected as a result of its cultural mix, Amsterdam for its canal and everything that surrounds Van Gogh, while a renovated Hyderabad represents a great first for tourists.

Already named the UK City of Culture in 2013, Derry (aka Londonderry) comes in fourth, while the Chinese capital of Beijing is recognized for its growing cultural and artistic importance. The list of the ten most important cities of 2013 is as follows:

1. San Francisco, USA
2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
3. Hyderabad, India
4. Derry / Londonderry, Northern Ireland
5. Beijing, China
6. Christchurch, New Zealand
7. Hobart, Australia
8. Montreal, Canada
9. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
10. Puerto Iguazú, Argentina

Christchurch , New Zealand, was praised for its impressive and inspiring rebuilding effort after the December earthquake in 2011. Montreal offers a lot in the form of art, luxury hotel accommodations, new openings such as a grand planetarium and a museum of wax.

The guide also chooses Gothenburg in Sweden as one of the best value destinations, Montenegro as the top European country, Sri Lanka for its special combination of value and cuisine, and Corsica as the top region. This year’s 2012 list was captained by London , home of the BBC’s Lonely Planet and home of the Summer Olympics, while New York was the main protagonist in 2011.