The most beautiful coastal towns in Europe

When summer approaches, we all want to savor the coastal environment that we have fallen in love with so many times. In Spain there are many options to enjoy it, but they are not the only ones that are worth considering. In other European countries such as France, Italy or Greece there are also real treasures that you should consider for your next vacation. They are ideal towns to suffocate the heat, either taking a dip or having a drink on a terrace overlooking the sea.

Manarola (Cinque Terre, Italy)

It is in the famous Cinque Terre region in northern Italy. It is a small town where many tourists come wanting to soak up its wine and fishing tradition. In addition, it is the oldest in the area, since the cornerstone in the church of San Lorenzo is from 1160.

As a special feature , commenting that the manarolense Manarola, a dialect spoken makes its inhabitants feel even more special to live in the Via dell’Amore, which is the name given to the road linking him to Riomaggiore.

Oia (Santorini, Greece)

Northwest of Santorini we come across Oia, a postcard town that has left its fishing past behind to become one of the most touristic places in the area. Far are the donkeys that were used to transport merchandise or the houses with collapsed walls that did not show the intense white of the current ones. Oia has been dressed up and has become something of a place of worship for travel instagramers who love to pose.

Espinho (Aveiro, Portugal)

Espinho’s fame is not something of now. It is something that comes from far, since in the 19th century it was said that its waters had a surprising healing power, which is why it became one of the Portuguese destinations preferred by celebrities. Of course, the golden age of tourism faded and nowadays those who visit Espinho do so to lose themselves strolling along its huge beach and witness a beautiful fish market show that leaves no one indifferent.

Èze (French Riviera, France)

It has earned itself to be considered one of the most beautiful towns on the Côte d’Azur . Although it cannot be said that it is 100% Mediterranean (it is bathed by the Ligurian Sea), Èze has all the ingredients to surprise the tourist looking for something more than a sun and beach holiday. Why? Well, because it is like a "hanging" town that keeps its medieval past intact between narrow and steep streets that force you to walk with a bottle of water at hand. The views it offers are incredible, so the effort is worth it.

Rovinj (Istria, Croatia)

Croatia is an ideal country to enjoy a summer vacation. It is known for cities as well known as Dubrovnik or Split, but also for the attractiveness of towns such as Rovinj. It is located north of the Adriatic Sea, west of the Istrian peninsula, and you fall in love as soon as you step on its cobbled streets to contemplate the beauty of its colorful houses , some of them just a short distance from the water.

Ribadesella (Asturias, Spain)

It is in a perfect location: facing the Cantabrian Sea and flanked by Llanes, Cangas de Onís, Parres and Caravia. Ribadesella offers tranquility and reveals its tradition, especially if you are willing to do the Historic Port Route, which begins with its past linked to whaling and does not neglect details about the salting industry . The best thing to do is to enjoy the fish that all (or almost all) of the local restaurants buy, since it is cooked fresh from the fish market and that guarantees a gastronomic experience that is difficult to forget.

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