The most paradisiacal beaches in Malta

Malta is one of the most visited destinations every year because it offers multiple possibilities. And one of them is its beaches , among which there are some that are well worth a visit because they are truly wonderful and can even be classified as paradisiacal . They are ideal destinations to spend a day at the beach and enjoy this island in a different way.

The best beaches

Among the options that exist in Malta to enjoy the sun and the sea is Golday Bay , which also has the particularity of its sand that is reddish in color. It is not the only feature. It is also a popular destination for the dunes that line the slopes that form it. Not to be missed are the cliffs that guard the beach and the watchtower, which was built by the Knights of Malta and dates back to the 17th century.

Ghadira Bay is another of Malta’s best options. This beach is one of the largest , thanks to its 800 meters in length. One reason why she is the one chosen to live a day of sun and sea with family or friends. In addition, it is a good destination for practicing water sports such as windsurfing or water skiing, among others.

But if we talk about impact , one of the beaches that manages to generate this effect on the visitor is Ghajn Tuffieha . Its access is not the simplest, although it is worth walking the path and going down the stairs.

Among its advantages, it is also worth mentioning the fact that this area is classified as a special conservation area due to its unique geological characteristics .

And, for those who do not want sand, Malta offers other alternatives such as Gnejna Bay , which stands out for the flat limestone rocks that are in one area of ​​this beach. Of course, access is not easy either. To reach it, you have to pass Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, climb the hill and descend the trails, which are slightly steep.