The towns of Spain that you must visit (at least) once in your life

Vacations or getaways don’t always have to be in sun or beach destinations or big cities. There are also other options that, in addition, with the pandemic, have been valued. They are the peoples . And, in this type of tourism, Spain has a lot to say because in any part of the national territory there are municipalities of great beauty and with a lot of history, which are also surrounded by unparalleled environments. Although the options are multiple, with something for all tastes and preferences, this time we are going to focus on three towns, which should be visited at least once in a lifetime. They are three proposals that should not be missed.


Salamanca is one of the most beautiful province in Spain where there are towns of great beauty. Within them, this time, we chose Ciudad Rodrigo . A town that has many centuries of history , since it was key for many years due to its strategic location being in the vicinity of Portugal.

The visit to this town should take us to visit all the buildings and defensive constructions that were built. And it is that there were few sieges suffered in this area: from the troops of Napoleon and Lord Wellington to the War of Independence.

In this way, you should not miss its wall , the cathedral , the churches and its palaces , which have a great architectural and historical value that has earned it the declaration of Historic-Artistic Complex. Other attractions are the town hall, the Cerralbo chapel, the Castro Palace, the Palacio de la Marquesa de Cartago, the Palacio de los Águila or the Casa de los Vázquez.



Within Extremadura, the route takes us to Cáceres and, specifically, to Hervás. A town that is on the banks of the Ambroz, Gallego and Santihervás rivers . This town is characterized by its marked medieval character.

Among its attractions is the old town where you can see the traces of the Middle Ages , as well as the Jewish quarter , which is made up of a set of small streets. A must see is the Rúa del Rabilero, which is considered the most beautiful street and is imbued with all the essence and Jewish tradition. Curiosa is also La Callejita, which is the narrowest street in Spain.


Puebla de Sanabria is the town of Zamora, it is another area of ​​Spain that is well worth a visit. In this town its medieval historic center stands out, which was declared a Historic-Artistic Site .

Among the places not to be missed are the Castle of the Counts of Benavente , the Church of Santa María del Azogue and its town hall.